* What: informal CMSS workshop to discuss methodology for social network analysis, and try to build a community at UoA in this area
* Where/When: Monday 17 Feb in Room 303.561 (Maths/Physics Building, corner Wellesley St and Princes St)

* Advice for speakers: Informal talks without slides are OK. There is a whiteboard. Slides are also OK, in fact preferred slightly – please bring them on a flash drive or similar. The key idea is to find common ground for interdisciplinary research, so please focus on the questions and methodology, not your research results. Basic questions to answer: who are you, where are you from, where social networks arise in your research area, what methodology have you been using to study them, which methodological expertise that you don’t have would benefit your research?

* Approximate schedule:

0900-1030 session 1

Patrick Girard (Philosophy, School of Humanities)
Nelson Aguirre (School of Population Health)
David Welch (Department of Computer Science)
Lorenzo Ductor (Massey-Albany, School of Economics and Finance)
Jenny Long (Department of Psychology)

1030-1100 Informal discussion (catering provided)

1100-1230 session 2

Mark Wilson (CMSS, Dept of Computer Science)
Dion O’Neale (Department of Physics)
Holly Darling (Claremont Graduate University, Education)
Yun Sing Koh (Department of Computer Science)
Quentin Atkinson (Department of Psychology)

1230-1330 lunch (self-organized)

Afternoon (will include spontaneous breaks)

1330-1400 brainstorming
1400-1500 small group discussions
1500-1600 report back and wrap up