We’re calling the series THERE WILL BE DONUTS and it will run periodically from August 2022 (frequency of meetings to be confirmed and meetings announced as they get confirmed), accompanied by donuts to share, preferably in the afternoons, and possibly followed by drinks at OGH or similar. If you want to talk about theory (your own, or an interesting paper from the literature) or even give a mini-course on some area of theory you want to tell us about, then please sign up! We encourage informality, brainstorming of potential research ideas, and general enthusiasm for all things theoretical. Book your slot by emailing one of the organisers. If you want to learn some theory, then please come along. Students are particularly welcome (in the audience and on stage). And of course, donuts will be provided! Hope to see you at the seminars! To learn more about it, visit its dedicated website at


The Organisers
Matthew Ryan (mryan@aut.ac.nz)
Simona Fabrizi (s.fabrizi@auckland.ac.nz)
Steffen Lippert (s.lippert@auckland.ac.nz)

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