The Centre for Mathematical Social Science (CMSS) is pleased to announce that its 5th Summer Workshop will be held at the University of Auckland from 10-11 December 2013. The CMSS is an inter-disciplinary research centre whose members include mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers and economists. Information on the CMSS, and details of previous Workshops, can be found on our website:

This year’s theme is mechanism design, but submissions on any aspect of mathematical social science are welcome.

Our 5th Workshop is co-hosted by the Energy Centre (EC) and Electric Power Optimisation Centre (EPOC) at the University of Auckland, and the Applied and Theoretical Economics (ATE) Network at Massey University. EC and EPOC will be organising a special session on the design of energy markets.

Confirmed speakers include:
Claudio Mezzetti (University of Melbourne)
Shmuel Oren (Berkeley) *Sponsored by the EC and EPOC*
Ludovic Renou (University of Essex)
Frank Wolak (Stanford University) *Sponsored by ATE and Massey University*

If you would like to submit a paper for the Workshop, please contact Matthew Ryan ( for general sessions, or Golbon Zakeri ( for the special session on energy markets, by 15 October 2013. We will be glad to hear from you.
There is no fee for participating in the Workshop.

Participants may also be interested in the following event: the 1st ATE Symposium on the theme of “Competition Policy Issues: Theory Meets Practice” to be held at Massey University, Albany campus, on December 12-13. Details will be posted on the ATE website:
Matthew Ryan Department of Economics University of Auckland