3rd  Summer  Workshop, The Centre for Mathematical Social Science (CMSS) at The University of  Auckland, 20-21 February, 2012


The Centre for Mathematical Social Science (CMSS) at The University of
Auckland (New Zealand) is planning to organize its 3rd  Summer
Workshop, which will take place 20-21 February 2012 in Auckland. The umbrella title for the workshop is: “Algorithmic and game-theoretic aspects of social choice”.  The confirmed speakers from overseas at this date are:

– Jerome Lang (Université Paris Dauphine)
– Toby Walsh  (University of NSW and NICTA)
– Piotr Faliszewski  (AGH Institute of Technology, Krakow)
– Edith Elkind (NTU, Singapore)

The formal presentations will be accompanied by research collaborations in small groups with participation from visitors and local researchers, including PhD
students. The proposed topics for these small group sessions are to be
discussed but will certainly include voting procedures and voting equilibria, manipulation of voting procedures, simple games and power indices.

The Centre is planning to provide financial support to seminar presenters but the exact amount of it will be known later, as it  depends on the outcome of several grant applications. New participants  are welcome. If you wish to participate please contact

Arkadii Slinko
Department of Mathematics
The University of Auckland,
Centre for Mathematics in Social Sciences
Seminar & Events Organizer

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