Everyone working in the area, or just interested, is welcome to attend the workshop whose details can be found under the Meetings tab above (direct link). It promises to be very productive. Here are some details from Arkadii Slinko:

The idea is not to have it too large but at the same time to have a critical mass of interesting people and talks. At this stage the following people have expressed their intention to come:

– Edith Elkind (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
– Andy McLennan (University of Queensland)
– Joerg Rothe (University of Dusseldorf) and a group of his students
– Detlef Seese (University of Karlsruhe)
– Toby Walsh (University of NSW and NICTA)
– Mike Fellows and Fran Rosamond (University of Newcastle)

Be sure, locals are eager to annoy you with their talks as well. If you are planning to come we would love to hear about it.

We are antipodeans and are supposed to do things differently. We would like to do away with requesting full papers with complete proofs in appendices and vicious competitive refereeing. We would like to provide people with an opportunity to talk about papers which have not been written or even finished yet. Thus a 1/2 page abstract by 1 February would be great so that we can draft a preliminary programme of talks. Indicate how much time you ideally desire. Spread the rumour if you feel like doing it.

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