Speaker:     José A. Rodrigues-Neto
Affiliation: Australian National University
Title:       Self-Consistency and Common Prior in Non-Partitional Knowledge Models
Date:        Tuesday, 22 Sep 2015
Time:        5:00 pm
Location:    CAG15/114-G15 (Commerce A)
In non-partitional models of knowledge with objective and subjective state spaces, the issue of self-consistency arises. The present paper defines a multigraph G_j for each player j, and also a global multigraph G. The posteriors of player j are self-consistent if and only if all cycle equations associated with cycles in G_j are satisfied. Similarly, the posteriors of all players are consistent with a common prior when all cycle equations corresponding to the cycles in G are satisfied. In particular, the self-consistency of player j is automatic when G_j is acyclic. Consistency always holds when G is acyclic, regardless of any probabilistic information. There is a simple formula to check for the acyclicity of G_j , and another formula to check for the acyclicity of G.
This is a joint paper with Luciana C. Fiorini.
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