Speaker: John McCabe Dansted
Affiliation: University of Western Australia
Title: Axioms for obligation and robustness with temporal logic
Date: Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Room 6115, Owen Glenn Building

Deontic logics are used to reason about norms. These norms may include
policies, relating to operation of an automated system, that are
subject to violation. We present a Temporal Logic of Robustness
(RoCTL*) that is intended to verify that a system is Robust to
some number of norm violations. We present sound and complete
axiomatisations of fragments of this logic and briefly discuss the
philosophical background to these axioms, including which axioms may
be relevant in fields other than robust systems. Although every
property that can be expressed in RoCTL* can be expressed in an
existing logic (CTL*), RoCTL* can express some properties much more
succinctly than CTL*.

Everyone welcome!

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