Noam Nisan is one of the authors of the recent book Algorithmic Game Theory and his blog at is focused on this topic. It should be of interest to members of this group. He has a recent post on the history of this very active new field, in which he says:

“As the Internet was growing around the mid-to-late 1990’s, several threads of research emerged that somehow connected three key elements: Computer Science, Economics & Game-Theory, and the Internet.    Within the networking community, several researchers started worrying about the non-cooperative nature of the Internet, and started considering the issue of incentives.  Within the AI community, the coordination between multiple software “agents” became an area of study.  Electronic commerce started flourishing, and the underlying basic questions started emerging. A few economists started studying Internet-related economic questions.  Around the late 1990’s the different groups of people with these different motivations started talking to each other, and a joint field started emerging.  “

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